Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Trish McEvoy Brush Bath

Everyone that has worked with me or knows me knows that I'm kind of obsessed with brushes.
To be more specific, I'm really anal about brush maintenance.
Many a people have received my look of horror when they tell me that they have never washed their brushes.

I recently discovered a new product to add to my beauty arsenal.
It's made brush washing a lot easier, quicker, and a much nicer experience.

I present to you

Trish McEvoy Brush Bath

Trish's high performing Brush Bath is a gentle shampoo for brushes of all kinds,
powerfully formulated to break down makeup collected in brushes whether powder or cream.
Brush Bath will add years of use to your investment in fine brushes.

Retail Price: $20- 4 oz.

There are a few ways of using the Trish McEvoy Brush Bath
1. Using directly onto brushes (for very dirty brushes)
2. Placing a drop of the Brush Bath in a bowl/container
3. Conditioning your brushes

I previously used to use Johnson's Baby Shampoo (and regular bar soap for really dirty brushes first) to clean my brushes, but I love love love the Trish McEvoy Brush Bath.
I was introduced to the Brush Bath by my co-worker after many discussions on Brush Maintenance.
It's one of the best recommendations I've gotten. (Thanks V.B!)

* It's quick and easy.
My brushes are clean and very conditioned after being washed in the Brush Bath.
-Old brushes that were starting to get brittle and yucky are now soft and brought back to life.
[I realized this when I washed my coarse Bare Minerals brush in the bath and it was much softer after a few washings.  If you use Bare Minerals, don't wash it in the Brush Bath, because the brush is meant to be coarse to work well with the minerals]

* It has a nice light peppermint scent 
(Two of my makeup artist friends wanted to get the Brush Bath on the scent alone!)

How To Use
I recommend getting a small bowl or container (I use a small plastic container that previously held candy) and squeezing a drop of the Brush Bath, adding warm water, and swishing your brushes around.
- The water should start out soapy and turn flat and makeup-colored as your brushes get clean.
- I usually empty the dirty water and repeat about 2-3 times depending on how dirty the brushes are.
- If the brushes are very dirty (especially if they have a lot of creams/liquids on them), I will use soap/diluted dishwashing liquid first to get the excess makeup off first before using the Brush Bath.
- Rinse with clean water, Squeeze out the excess water, and Lay brushes flat to dry.

Here are some other reviewer's opinions on the brush bath from Makeup Alley  (The average rating was 4.9 out of 5 lipsticks and 100% of reviewers would buy the product again!)

So whether you have invested in great brushes, or have cheap/coarse brushes, the Trish McEvoy Brush Bath will be a treat for your brushes.
(Hakuhodo, Crown Brush, and the Cover FX are some of my favorites)

You don't need a lot of product, it works fast, and it works well.
So keep those brushes clean, ladies!!! No excuses~*  ;D

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*


  1. Hi Irene! Do you recommend cleaning new brushes before using them? Also do you recommend a synthetic or real hair brush for applying foundation? Lastly, can you please do a blog entry on the best brushes? Thanks!

  2. i needed this! thanks! i def also need to know the best brushes - i hate looking like wolfman after application - ps welcome home beauty queen