Friday, May 21, 2010

My Favorite Brush (Lately)- Cover FX #160 Cream Foundation Brush

Ok, so those of you that have seen my kit know that I have TONS of brushes.
First off, I am a Shopaholic, so I buy a lot of brushes.
Secondly, I'm a Hoarder, so I don't throw my brushes out.
Thirdly, I LOOOVE brushes... so I have a lot.

So, although I have dozens of brushes, there is one that I want to introduce you to one that you probably don't have.

If you're not familiar with COVER FX, they are a cosmetic company known for their corrective makeup.  A lot of Pro's use this line for their full coverage makeup and it is (supposedly) "The Dermatologist's First Choice for Flawless Looking Skin".

I like the makeup for hard-core coverage, but more importantly, I LOVE their #160 Brush!

#160 Cream Foundation Brush
What it is:

A short, dense stippling brush.

What it does:
Foundation Brush #160 Natural is perfect for the application of foundation. It is ideal for building coverage without streaking.

What else you need to know:
The bristles are made of select 100% natural goat hair which is not dyed and therefore less prone to irritate skin. Soft, natural bristles do not permit excessive product deposition, therefore facilitating easier cream foundation application. 



* I love using this on my client's to blend foundation and concealers. It is a thick, soft brush that gives a beautiful flawless look.
* I find that it's easier to blend with than a blending brush~ It's not too thick, not too thin.  It's JUUUST right. (Like Goldi-Locks!)
* It works great as a blending brush for Contouring and Blending
* It can be used to apply a High-Light or Shimmer in specific areas

So if you wear Foundation/Concealer on a regular basis and are looking for a great blending brush, I highly suggest investing in this brush.
It's not cheap, but I think it (and you) are definitely worth it!

Retail Price: $38



*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~* 


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