Sunday, May 9, 2010

*~ It Takes a Village To Raise iRene Kim.... Happy Mother's Day! ~*

God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers.  
~Jewish Proverb

Mother's Day used to be a really sad day for me.
It was hard because it was so close to the day that she died (5/7/01).
However, as I have learned to accept my mother's death, it's become a lot easier for me with each passing year.
Just a quick thanks to my friends that called or let me know they were thinking about me.
You guys are the best!  xoxo

One reason that it's easier for me to deal with is the fact that I have many wonderful women in my life that are like mothers to me.  They've watched me grow up (or at least get older ... because I'm really immature), have been there for me when I needed help, prayed for me when I was in trouble, listened to me go on and on and on about anything and everything, and fed me many many amazingly delicious meals over the years!

Here is my shout-out to all the Mother's in my life that have shown me unconditional love and treated me as if I was one of their own.

Sun Ki Kim (My Grandma)- NO ONE drives me as crazy as my grandmother does.  When she calls me on the phone, my heart rate can triple in a few seconds.  She's frustrating, embarrassing, and does things that make me go nuts... but I owe my life to her.  My grandmother didn't move in with my dad and I until my Grandfather passed away, but we have been to hell and back together (or... I should say I put her through hell and she brought me back).   ;)
*My grandmother saved my life... twice.  The first time when I had to get a blood transfusion, my grandmother was the one that forced me to go to the doctor.  When I got to the emergency room, they said they'd never seen a person alive with such little blood.  When I went through the worst case of depression 2 years ago, my grandmother was the one that forced me to go to a psychiatrist.  If it hadn't been for her, I probably would have ended my own life.
My grandmother is an amazing woman. She's hilarious. She's smart. She's strong. She's bold.  She's fearless.  She's the most amazing woman I know.

Sylvia Papagian (Rita's Mom)- Rita's mom always calls me her Korean Daughter and I call her my second mother.  She was my mother's best friend and they had a special friendship that's one of a kind.  Rita's mom always gave me rides to school (when I would get her son in trouble for being late!), babysat me when my mother was busy, and fed me the most delicious meals imaginable.  My mother would always tell her that she was so happy when I ate at her house because I always ate so much (and I was the PICKIEST eater growing up).
*We've been on vacations together, had many deep conversations over the kitchen table, and watched lots of movies together.  When I am with Mrs. Papagian, I feel like I'm home. She's always been so supportive, understanding, caring, and someone I can turn to from the most trivial things (like showing her my newest bag) to the most serious things (like being in a serious depression and not being able to get out of it).  I am so blessed to have her in my life.  And she gives really good hugs,too.  xoxo.

Shinae Kang and Young Sook Kang (Grace's Mom and Grandmother)- My friend Grace is always saying that I use her/ am only friends with her for her mom and grandma.  When Grace was still living at home, I'd come over and say hello to her, and end up spending the whole night talking to her mom or grandma... (haha. I wouldn't blame her if she really thought that!) 
* They are sooo patient with me... never judging me or trying to change me.  They accept me for who I am and help me in the ways I need to be helped.  They've always listened to everything I had to say, Given me advice I needed to hear, Prayed for me, Helped me pack when I was moving (which was QUITE the ordeal), and Fed me tons of delicious Korean food (How many times I've eaten all the contents of their refrigerator, I don't know...). They're always laughing at the things I do and my sometimes botched Korean, but they have never shown me anything but genuine love and affection.
* I've known Grace for 12 years and although there have been times in our friendship that I really didn't like her (hee hee), I've never held anything but the highest regard for her family.  They are my family.

Yung Moon- This is the woman who I looked up to growing up. My older cousin was my hero.  I wanted to look like her, do the things she did, and I guess I just wanted to be her.  She is the only person that I really admired as a child (I didn't have much regard for Adults... They just seemed like boring, bossy people that thought they knew everything).  I loved going through her jewelery, riding in her car, and playing with her hair.  But even though she was my hero, I still refused to go to bed unless she did...  which is funny that a 5 year old expected to go to bed at the same time as a teenager ("IRENE! I'm 10+ years older than you!").
* She would always try to broaden my narrow-minded horizon ~ Taking me to Museum Exhibits, Broadway shows, and my first Yankees Game, Giving me different types of Art Supplies, Introducing me to different types of books, and telling me about a world I did not know (although she could be a little much... like trying to explain the different stereotypes of women created by Barbie to a 7 year old!).  She's still someone I look up to, but now I actually know what she's talking about!
She's beautiful, intelligent, successful, hard-working, funny, and an amazing mother of 2 little girls that are just as smart, cute, and sassy as I was  ;)

Oprah says being a mother is one of the hardest jobs there is.  I agree.
I'm not an easy person to have in your life... but these women have given me the strength, confidence, security, and love I needed to be who I am today.  They have shown me understanding, patience, compassion, trust, and acceptance. They've given me the greatest gift imaginable... Unconditional Love.

To all the Mothers in my crazy world: Thank you for being a part of my life.

*~ Have a Beautiful Day~*

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