Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Beauty and the Beach

"Ah, Summer, What power you have to make us suffer and like it"
-Russel Baker

Summer has flown by and it seems that Fall is right behind.
This summer, I haven't been able to swim or go to the beach.... until now~
I'm at the Hamptons and it is absolutely fabulous.

Have you been to the beach this summer?  If you haven't, I highly suggest you go asap.
The sand between your toes, the sun on your skin, the ocean breeze, the waves... it's oh so wonderful!

Here are my recommendations of things to bring to the beach.

1. Sun Block-  This is the most important thing to bring to the beach.  I know you want to get a nice tan, and you can still get one while using an SPF.  SPF 30 is the minimum I recommend.  Don't skimp on the sunblock or you won't get the protection of the number~ (You are supposed to use about a shot glass full of sunblock for your body) and try to apply 20 minutes before going out in the sun.
* When you put sunblock on your face, it can get oily/shiny so I like to dust a powder/mineral makeup with SPF on top for added protection

2. Baby Wipes and Hand Sanitizer- There's lots of messy things at the beach. Make sure to keep these around so you don't have sand and dirt all over your hands and feet.

3. Water- When you're laying out in the sun all day, you're going to get dehydrated. Make sure to drink water before, during, and after your trip to the beach. Bring a water bottle with you and make sure to finish it while you're there!

4. Sunglasses/Hat- Personally, I don't really wear sunglasses too much, but  if you do, make sure it has UVA and UVB protection.  If you get raccoon eyes from a tan, get a light self-tanner and apply only on the lighter areas.
 I like to bring a super large straw hat, but any size is good.  As you can probably tell, I'm super paranoid about sun damage (especially on my face) and a hat is probably the best protection you can get.  You can also bring one to put on top of your face while taking a nap!

 5. Makeup- Keep it simple.
-Powder is  good to take away the shine and
Stick to color on the eyes or on the lips.
-A bright lipstick is the easiest way to add some color on the beach.
-I prefer to play up my eyes with a light eyeshadow and budge-proof waterproof eyeliner.  I recommend skipping the mascara as they tend to smudge the most.

6.  Large Tooth Comb and Conditioner- Before heading out to the beach, I like to get my hair damp,  lightly put on conditioner throughout my hair (especially on the ends) and run a comb through.  The sun will give you a deep-conditioning treatment and the conditioner can help protect your hair from the sun and sand.

7.  Music, Books, Magazines- Pick your poison~ I love walking along the beach with my ipod and laying out with a new magazine. 

So...those are my beach essentials~*

Hopefully you get a chance to hit the beach before the summer ends.  
Happy End of Summer!   =D

*~ Have a Beautiful Day!~*


  1. where is your hat? That isn't the Hamptons...

  2. haha.. yes that's a picture from last summer at my friends pool. Don't worry, I'm bringing my hat to the beach! =D