Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My Life as a 27 Year Old

"Welcome to Old.  Get Comfortable"
-My Older Cousin

"The obstacles you face may be huge but you have what it takes to overcome every last one of them.  Never doubt that you were born to be special. Never doubt that you will succeed. 
 See whatever fate sends your way as a gift to be used"
-Virgo Horoscope

How are the years zooming by soooo quickly?!?
Today I am 28 (and only 2 years away from my scary age).
Birthday's have always been a mixed feeling day for me~ I tend to love them or hate them.
Whatever feeling I'm having (this year is pretty good), it's always a day for me to think back on my life and see where I am now.

Here are some of the experiences I've had and the lessons I've learned (hopefully) during my 27th year on earth.

Travel: Virginia, Miami, L.A., Napa Valley/San Fran, Province Town, West Virginia, Africa, Hamptons. 
I was able to travel a lot this year~ I learned a lot regarding makeup, met a lot of amazing people, and had sooo many wonderful experiences.  I hope I can always be a gypsy and experience all the great places and people out there.

Friends: I've met sooo many people in the past year. Whether they've become acquaintances or good friends, I feel blessed to have met the people I did.
- To think that of all the billions of people out there in the world, we were able to share some of our lives together....that's pretty freaking amazing.
* Sometimes friends fight. Sometimes it'll smooth over on its own, sometimes you need some time apart. Sometimes you need to suck it up and address the problem head on. Either way, there's probably nothing that big that can't be fixed.
* Relationships take effort on two parts. Sometimes people aren't as there as you'd like them to be... and that's ok..... No resentment. I'm not always there for others, either
* I have pretty freaking awesome friends. I'm always surprised at the different ways my friends are there for me. Giving me good advice/ Letting me know how normal people usually handle situations. Listening to the maaaaaaany things I have to say, complain about, and obsess over. Being a fun person to hang out with. I love my friends and know that I am extremely blessed to have such great people in my life.

Work: I've been a makeup artist for a year now and I have to say I'm pretty happy with the experiences I've had.  I've been amazingly lucky to meet and learn from my makeup mentors and friends.  I've had lots of opportunities that I wasn't even looking for.
* Hustle, Hustle Hustle-You never know where your next job is coming from.  Some of the best jobs I got were from recommendations from people that I never expected to hear from. I talk to everyone and give everyone my card.
* I realized I really like to write~ (Especially when I don't have to pull an all-nighter, rush to class, and hand in a 10 page paper that I just finished writing 10 minutes ago)
* Professionalism is Key:  Don't be sloppy, Don't be late, Do your best.  Leave the crazy at home.

- I met boys, dated boys, had my heart broken by boys, moved on.  I think the more boys I date, the more confused about guys I am.  I thought I understood boys when I was younger.... now I realize I have no freaking clue. 
Luckily I have friends that think like boys, and actual guys to give me perspective.
- I wanted to find my husband this year (ok... every year...) and that didn't happen. It's ok.  I'll survive. I'd rather be single than be with the wrong guy
* Dating is EXHAUSTING. I have a love/hate relationship with dating.
* Be careful not to trust guys so easily. They may be a big fat liar in a cute boy's body. Everyone's nice in the beginning....
* Don't give too much of yourself (emotionally or physically) to someone until they can prove themselves.
* If he's just not that into you... move on.
* Dating is fun.  Enjoy the fun times without thinking so much about the future
* Don't give up on love.  It's worth the wait.

Fun/Amazing Times:
- I saw a green shooting star in P-Town and a huge shooting star in Africa on our moonlight walk. 
- Parties: Christmas Party, Ray's Mustache Maffia Party, GNC housewarming, Jenny Girls Housewarming
- Waves, Sun, Sunsets, Starry Nights, BBQ, Wine, and Music with Eskimo in the Hamptons.
- Lots of friends chilling on evil couch with tons of wine and food.
- Saw a black and white horse in the woods in West Virgina.  Surreal.
- I've experienced God in sooo many different ways this year.  It's been a big year of spiritual growth.
* Life really is so short.  Enjoy the moments you have.... it might be all you get.

Sad/Scary Times:
- My uncle was hospitalized and in a coma~ He's home and much better now (It was a miracle)
- I learned what it's like to be played + I learned what it's like to face rejection = I'm starting to become a bitter man hater  =T      (Note to Self: Cut it out)
- I found a huge grasshopper and a newt in my room in Africa. I was attacked by a huge grasshopper in the Nakumatt.  Horrifying.
- Little Brian was missing all day in the slums of Mathare (where thousands of people live).  They were able to find him walking alone in a field safe and sound.  (Another miracle)
* Trust in God~ I may not like it or understand it, but his understanding is greater than ours.

* I'm a pretty freaking lucky/blessed girl. 
Be gracious, Thankful, and make the most of what you've been given
* Get over yourself.... I guess my friends were right when they said, "The World does not revolve around iRene Kim". 
* I did a lot of things I shouldn't have done, I did a lot of things I never expected I could do. I was disappointed in myself, I was proud of myself.  Everything is a learning experience.
* Sometimes it's nice not to be so busy.  Like everyone says.... RELAAAAAX.
* I took a lot of risks and did things that scared me.  I didn't always get the outcome I hoped for... but I have no regrets.  Be Fearless.
* I DON'T NEED ANY MORE STUFF!!!!!  It's all about simplicity.  No more hoarding and holding on.
* Let Go.  Useless stuff, worries, bad habits.  Let it all go. 
New Year, New Me.

So... as I reflect on my life.... I'm pretty happy where I am now, I have lots of goals I want to achieve, I'm filled with hope for the future, I look back fondly with joy, and I realize I'm lucky to be alive. Life is good.
This year has been filled with lots of ups and downs.... it's a good thing I like rollercoasters!

Hi 28. What do you have in store for me this year? 
Bring it on.... (But please be gentle... I'm getting old!) ~*

“Life lives, life dies.
Life laughs, life cries.
Life gives up and life tries.
But life looks different through everyone's eyes.”

*~  Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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  1. 30 is fun. 40 starts to get scary. By 50, you're not scared by age. At least that's the way it's been for me. My make-up has changed though!

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