Friday, July 2, 2010

Korean Beacon

So I realize I've been pretty bad with updating my blog    =T
Sorry 'bout that....
I am currently in Kenya for 2 weeks, but I promise to try to write more once I get back!

As for now, I'm going to put up some links to my writing I've done for Korean Beacon for those that haven't read it.

A, B, AB, or O: Your Personality and Foods To Eat According To Blood Type

Ooh La La Lashes~ Fabulous Falsies

Plastic Surgery: To Do or Not To Do…. That Is The Question

Get Naked~ I’m Talking Nude Eyeliner!

Yo! Go and get your YOGA on!

B.B. Cream: What It Is and How To Use It


Honey, You Are My Shining Star…. But Get Rid Of That Shiny Forehead!

Under Eye Circles: “Grandma… What Dark Circles You Have …” -Little Red Riding Hood

Spring Cleaning: From Your Head To Your Feet

Feeling Fabulous… Despite the Haters

Lost In Translation- Korean or American Style Makeup?

Scrub a Dub Dub- Are You Exfoliating Your Skin?

Awww…… You’re Making Me Blush!

Here Comes The Sun:The Importance of Sun Protection

Beauty Tip: A New You with a New Do

Beauty Tip: Wonder Girls “Nobody” Inspired Too Faced Natural Eye- Neutral Eye Shadow Collection

Beauty Tip: The Importance of Eyebrows

Beauty Tip: A Flawless Face



 *~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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