Sunday, June 20, 2010

To a Fabulous Father~ Happy Father's Day!

"One father is more than 100 schoolmasters"
-George Herbert

I always say this, but I have the best Dad.
No, Really~ I do.
If you've met Unsik, Charlie, Mr. Kim, Hae Ran Appa (iRene's Dad in Korean), Papa Kim or whatever else you may know him as, you'll agree.
If you know me and all the things I've put my father through over the years, then you'll REALLY agree!

Today being Father's Day, I will be sharing some of the important things my father has taught me over the years.

* Everybody is always making plans for the future.  People don't realize that no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.
* Every day is a gift from God.
* People are always chasing Fame, Fortune, Material Things, Approval from others.  In the end, it's all meaningless.
* Worry? Why would I worry? No worries!
* Just try your best. That's all you can do.
* I'm always thankful whenever I see my friend's or family.Will this be the last time I see them?   How many more times will I be able to see them in my life? Once? Ten Times?  Even 100 times is not a lot.
* Do your job, and do it right.
* It's not a big deal!
* You have too much going on in your head. Stop thinking about all the useless stuff and think about the things that are really important
* What's sooo important that you're doing that you're always rushing around and all over the place?
* Do one thing at a time
* Re-laaaaaax!
* You need to sleep more. Turn off the t.v., the lights, the computer.  SLEEP!
* You're staying home?  Good!
* Clean up this mess!!!
* Slow Down!
* Take Your Time
* Take it Eaaaaaasy
* Don't complain
* Stop Talking and Start Doing
* When you're supposed to study, study hard. When you're supposed to play, play hard.
* We're all sinners.  Don't judge anyone else.
* Always Pray.  Always Be Thankful.

A Few Reasons Why Papa Kim is Awesome:
  1. He's a Good Guy: He was never any trouble growing up (According to my Grandma).  A good kid that did what he was supposed to do, listened to his parents, and was friends with everyone.  
  2. He's Well-Rounded: He went to Yonsei University, one of the best colleges in Korea but he'd go camping every weekend with his friends. He's a workaholic, but enjoys his beer or glass of whiskey.
  3. He's Funny: My dad is a goof-ball and is always joking around.
  4. He's Charismatic: No one can not like my dad.  You just can't.  He's nice, smiley, happy. Everyone that meets him loves him and tells me how wonderful he is and how lucky I am to have a father like him
  5. He's Generous: Whether it's by sharing his knowledge or his material goods, my father is a very giving person. He's always provided me with the best of the best.
  6. He's Smart: Educated, Knowledgeable, Experienced... the man knows a lot.
  7. He's Humble:  He gives all glory to God.  Everything he does, who he is~ It's all for God or Because of God.
  8. He's Patient: The man has raised me for 27 years.  Not an easy feat.  Let's just say that my father is a VERY patient man.
  9. He's a Hard Worker:  For as long as I can remember, my father worked 6-7 days a week for 11-12 hour days.  Only in his 60s did my dad start taking Sundays off and leaving work at 7. Whatever the situation or wherever he is, my dad gets things done and gets it done right.
  10. He's always been my Knight in Shining Armor: Whenever I'm in trouble, I can always turn to my father to help me, give me advice, or the yelling/lecture that I need.

    My father is an amazing person.  Of all the gifts that God has given me (and I am extremely blessed), the two best gifts I have been given are my mother and my father.
    My Father always got to play the Good Cop.  I've always been a Daddy's Girl, and I'll always be a Daddy's Girl.
    When I was younger, my father would read to me, piggyback me, play badminton with me, tell me the craziest stories (which he apparently made up on his own),  and always made me smile and laugh.
    Now that I'm older, my father and I watch movies together, share meals together, I tell him the craziest stories (about my life), and he still makes me smile and laugh.

    I could never fully express how much my father has done for me or the gratitude I feel for having him in my life. But perhaps it's suitable since my father isn't one to talk about emotions.
    He's a Do-er, not a Talk-er.
    So I guess all I can do is appreciate my father for who he is and the role he's played in my life.
    I can learn the things he's taught me and make it a part of my life.
    I can live my life in a way that he'd be proud of.

    Thanks Appa.  
    I'm the luckiest girl in the world.  
    I love you.

    *~ Have a Beautiful Day!~*

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