Sunday, May 22, 2011

Every Day Is Earth Day: Week 6

"The bad people trying to make the world worse never take a day off, so why should I?"
-Bob Marley

Keep a sharp box cutter handy to cut cardboard boxes into proper sizes for recycling.
Cardboard is easily recycled and should never be thrown in the trash.

Use a manual can opener.
Here's a shocking fact:   If everyone in the U.S. used electric can openers instead of manual ones,
it would cost a collective $36 million per month, according to

Read labels on egg cartons.
The words "free range", "free roaming", and "cage free" don't mean much.
For truly cage-free conditions look for the phrase "American Humane Certified."
Better yet, visit the farm where the chickens are raised and see for yourself how they're cared for.

Keep your kitchen clean.
Put away all food and food scraps. Don't leave them out on the counter.
Even crumbs should be swept up and put in the garbage.
First line of defense against an insect invasion is to not supply them with food and water.

For Valentines Day, give your sweetheart a bottle of USA-grown wine that's either biodynamic or organic.
They don't cost much more and don't travel as far from vine to table.
As an added plus, organic wines don't contain added sulfites, which makes them friendlier to people with asthma and allergies.

Buy organic or local flowers for your Valentine.
Flowers from your local greenhouse or farm are fresher and more eco-friendly than those shipped, flown, and trucked into the U.S. from the far ends of Ecuador.
Look for organic flowers online, at farmers' markets, and in boutique flower shops.

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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