Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Beauty Resolutions For 2011

Ahhh... A New Year.  A New Start.  A New Beginning.
For most people, January 1 is a time of renewal and the start of a "clean slate".
An excuse to get rid of bad habits and a time to start good ones.

Here are some of the top 10 Beauty Habits I hope you will follow.
Yes, they're obvious.... but if you actually put in the effort, I know you will see results.

1. Don't Fall Asleep With Makeup On:  I know there are going to be nights when you're about to pass out or are feeling really lazy.  Keep some Baby Wipes or Makeup Remover Wipes around for nights like these.  Your skin needs time to regenerate and breathe~ it can't do it when it's covered in makeup. Take it off, baby!

2. Get Enough Sleep:  Sleeping 7-8 hours is rare for me  (but I'm definitely more of an insomniac than the average person).  However, when I do get more sleep, I do look more well rested and feel better  (although 15-30 min. power also have amazing restorative powers in my book).  I don't think everyone needs 7-8  hours every night, but I do believe the quality of sleep is important: Turn off the lights, Turn off the t.v., and Turn off the music.  It really does make a difference.  And don't exhaust yourself to the point where you pass out every night! 

3. Have a Regular Cleansing Routine:  Cleanse, Moisturize, and SPF.  There are lots of things you can do, but these are the 3 very least that EVERYONE should be doing. 
Cleanse: Even if you don't wear makeup regularly, you should still wash your face with a cleanser at least once at night.  If you have dry skin, you can skip the cleanser and just rinse with water in the morning (which is what I do).  But by the end of the night, you'll have dirt, grime, and oil accumulated on your skin and it's important to wash it off. 
-If you exfoliate 1-2x a week, you get an extra star (and your skin will look/be in much better condition)
Moisturize:  EVERYONE should be moisturizing.  Especially in the harsh winter climate, it's important to have a barrier on your skin to help keep your skin moisturized and protected from the elements.
-For Dry Skin, I recommend a rich thick creme or face oil
-For Normal Skin, You can pretty much use anything that you like and works for you
-For Oily Skin, I recommend a light lotion or gel formula
SPF:  SPF should be worn year round, in any climate, wherever you are.  SPF 15 at the least, but I recommend SPF 30+ .  Your skin WILL get UV damage even when it's cloudy out.  Your skin will look old, wrinkly, leathery, and you'll eventually get sunspots and damaged skin if you don't wear SPF.  And you could get Skin Cancer.  DON'T SKIP THE SPF!

4. Take Care Of Your Skin:  On top of the regular cleansing routine, there's a few extra steps you can take to really make a difference in your skin.  These will usually give you immediate results, but will eventually keep you looking younger and more fabulous in the long run.
Exfoliate:  If you're not getting rid of dead skin cells, it just keeps accumulating and your skin will look dull and products will not work as well as they should.  Exfoliate 1-2 times a week. 
*Think of how if you get oil on your hands and you wash it off with soap, it doesn't always come off.  Sometimes you need to scrub it off.  Someimes just soap/cleanser won't cut it.
Masks:  There are tons of face masks out there.  I prefer peel off and like using mud on oiler areas (such as the T-Zone).  You should notice an immediate difference in your skin.  If used regularly (about 1-2 times a week), it will help keep your skin in good condition.
Serums/Creams:  This can be added to your daily cleansing routine.  What concerns do you have with your skin?  Find a product that targets the problems and stick with it.  Having great skin takes some effort, but it'll make a big difference in the long run.

5. Drink lots of Water:  Many people don't drink as much water as they should. You will look and feel much better if you are hydrated.  Drink up! 8-10 glasses is recommended, but start by drinking more than you already do.

6. Eat Right:  As yummy as Burger King, Wendy's, and KFC are, they're not going to help you look any better  (although you'll probably end your meal with a smile...).  The better you eat, the better you'll look.  Eat your fruits and veggies, drink lots of liquids, and try to refrain from all the "bad" stuff (too much salt, sugar, fat, carbs).  They may be delicious... but they're definitely not good for your body or your looks.

7. Exercise:  You all know the benefits of exercise.  You just have to get yourselves to do it.  If you're not really a "gym" person, find an activity that'll get you moving.  I prefer more low key stuff like yoga and pilates, but there's definitely something for everyone.  The easiest form of exercise is to put on your shoes, go outside, and walk!  If you can't motivate yourself, start exercising with a friend.  Your health, your mood, and your looks will all improve. 

8. Quit Smoking:  It's bad for your health. Your breath smells.  Your skin gets dull, damaged, and leathery.  Your teeth (and sometimes fingers) turn yellow. Smoking is one of the worst beauty and health offenses you can commit.  Find a way to quit.  And if you fail, keep trying.  Your body will thank you

9. Try Something New: Do you wear the same type of makeup everyday? Or no makeup at all ....(Gasp!)? Have you had the same hairstyle since highschool?
A little color will do wonders. Try a new shade of lipstick or eyeshadow. If you never wear eyeliner, give it a shot. If you always wear a dark lip, try a light pink or nude (and vice versa). Get a new haircut or color.
It's so easy to get caught up in a routine and have the same look all the time. Even if it's just for one day on the weekend, try something different! Experiment, Have fun, and remember... it's only makeup~ it can come right off!

10. Stop B*tching, Start Smiling:  Is this really a beauty resolution?  YES!  People definitely don't smile as much as they should, but people definitely complain more than they should. 
Smile: You'll instantly look and feel better. Spread the love.  No one likes looking at a grump with a wrinkle in their brow.  No one likes to hear someone who whines all the time.  Try to look on the bright side of things~There's always a silver lining (no matter how hidden it may be). 
So try to enjoy the good times, get through the hard times, and be able to appreciate it all... hopefully with a smile on your face.

My Beauty Resolutions are pretty obvious... but you probably don't follow all of them.   
The hardest part is getting started.  Habits (both good and bad) form without you realizing that they have become a part of you. 
This year, I hope you can get rid of your bad habits, and pick up some good ones along the way.
So in the wise words of Nike~ "JUST DO IT" !!!!
Best of luck!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day,Year, and Life! ~*

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