Friday, December 17, 2010

Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream

Earlier this year, I discovered an amazing product at the L.A. Makeup Show.
I didn't really use the product until recently~ I'm officially in Makeup Love.
Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams have recently became a new favorite and have been added to my must have list.

Aqua Cream
What it is:
An ultra-pigmented, long-lasting waterproof cream.

What it does:
Aqua Cream combines the highest-quality pigments with mother of pearl particles to give immediate rich color payoff with a luminous finish in just one application. It's long-lasting formulation will not crease or smudge under the most extreme conditions and its creamy and elastic texture allows for easy blending.

What else you need to know:
Available in shades ranging from soft neutrals to pure bright tones, you can find the perfect color for any purpose.
Shades #5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 are formulated for the Lips & Cheeks.
Shades #1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, and 22 are formulated for the Eyes & Cheeks.

Retail Price: $22

Aqua Creams are a water-proof cream color that can be used on the eyes, lips, and cheeks.
It starts off creamy and dries to a waterproof formula.
I know the waterproof has been mentioned before, but the stuff is truly amazing.  I've never seen a product that lasts like this one. 

It's versatile. It doesn't feel heavy. It does not budge.
* It's very highly pigmented, so you don't need a lot!!!! 
Start off using sparingly, and layer for more color/depth.

I love to use the products in different ways.  Here are my favorite colors and the many ways I use them:

# 13 (Champagne Shimmer)-  This is a great shade for everyone. 

#4 (White Pearl Shimmer)- Can be used the same way as #13, but not as recommended as a highlighter

- Can be used as an eyeshadow primer.  It is a shimmery neutral color that can be used alone to brighten the eyes or as a base to help your eyeshadow hold for longer.
- Use on the top and bottom inner corner of the eyes to really open up your eyes. 
- Use all along the bottom of the eye to really make your eyes pop (and use mascara on the bottom lashes for contrast).
- Put a dab above your top lip to add a little bit of oomph.
- Put a dab in the middle of your lip (alone or over lipstick) to make your lips pop
- Can be used as a highlighter along the top of your cheekbone (May be a little difficult for the average person~ Use just a dab and MAKE SURE TO BLEND WELL!)
- Can be used as a highlighter right underneath the brow bone (I personally don't like this look as much, but many people do). 

#3 (Silver) and #11 (Gold) can be used in the same ways as above, but aren't as easy to use as the other colors.

#1 (Silvery Charcoal Shimmer)
- Used as a base (This color REALLY makes bright colors pop~ A LOT more than bright eyeshadow by itself.  One of my fav. colors and ways to use!)
- Great for a smoky eye
- Use a dab on the outer end of eye and smudge inwards to add depth

#5 (Peachy Pink w/ Gold Flecks)  (My favorite!)
#6 (Bright Pink)
#7 (Fuschia)

- Used as a long hold lipstick (but can get a little dry so I recomment putting on a creamy lip balm/gloss on top)
- Use a dab in the middle of the lip (on natural lips, or on top of a nude lipstick). 
- Use a DAB on the cheeks as a blush.  Use it sparingly~ can give just a hint of color or really stand out

Things To Know:
- The product dries pretty quickly.  You may have to practice using the product to get used to it
- You don't need a lot!!! Start off with a dab and add more as necessary.  You can get many different looks by the amount of product you use (i.e. a sheer wash of color to a color explosion)

So, I highly suggest you get yourself to a Sephora near you, and play around.
The Aqua Cremes are the real deal!  Enjoy~*

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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