Sunday, November 7, 2010

Barielle- Nail Thickener and Nail Rebuilder

I used to be a chronic nail biter growing up.
It used to drive my mother crazy, but it was a habit that I couldn't seem to break.
I've always been a bit of a Nervous Nelly and biting all my fingernails off seemed to calm me down for a few minutes and was strangely soothing...

I tried those nail treatments that make your nails taste bad, but it never tasted bad enough for me to stop.

I WAS able to overcome my nail biting habit in high school.
I had an older friend who had bitten her nails for soooo long that her skin started to grow over her nail (So that basically her nail bed was half the size of a normal person's).
That scared the bejeezus out of me~ Enough for me to stop biting my nails!

Although I wouldn't consider myself a nail biter anymore, there are times when I bite my nails.
If I'm super nervous, feeling really awkward, extremely scared, or have a hang nail that's driving me crazy, I may end up biting my nail.  Which ends up in both hands having super short nails.
Nail biting is kind of like Pringles "Once you pop.... yoooooou can't stop!"

I hate the feeling of just bitten nails and they look so unattractive.
That's when I bring out my nail growing secret weapon: Barielle

There are two formulas that I use. They are both a very thin and wet formula and is excellent for short, thin, peeling nails:

Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein is used as a base coat or can be used alone.
For Soft, Peeling Nails

This revolutionary formula helps build up damaged nails, bonding and fortifying weak nail layers together. A perfect product to help damaged nails after removing wraps and acrylics.

Use: Apply Use 2-3 times per week for 3 weeks without additional lacquers to allow nails to breathe. Then use as a fortifying basecoat in your weekly manicure regimen.

For Best Results: Apply to clean, dry nails and allow to dry before applying polish or top coat.

Size: .50 fl oz / 14.8 ml
Key Ingredients: Vitamin E, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
Dibutyl-Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free

Barielle Clearly Noticeable Nail Thickener is used alone or as a top coat.
For Thin, Weak Nails

A clear, quick-drying nail builder that instantly thickens nails up to 50% of their natural thickness in just one coat. Helps heal cracked, split, or peeling nails with vitamins and proteins. Formulated for use over bare or polished nails to thicken and encourage growth.

Use: Use over bare nails to protect and thicken them, or use as a top coat in your weekly manicure treatment.

For Best Results: Always allow base coat (Nail Rebuiding Protein or Fortifying Nail Builder) to dry thoroughly before applying thickener. Use color if you wish and then apply another coat of thickener to protect manicure.

Size:.50 fl oz / 14.8 ml
Dibutyl-Phthalate, Toluene and Formaldehyde Free

I don't know which one works better or which one I prefer more.  All I know is that once I put it on, I notice a difference almost a day or two later!

The retail price for the polishes are $16 and $17.50, but I'm sure you can find it for much cheaper online and at discount stores  (I bought mine at T.J. Maxx for less than $10).

So remember, don't bite your nails because it's disgusting, ugly, and your fingers can eventually become deformed.
If you do end up biting them, grab some Barielle and help those babies out!

*~ Have a Beautiful Day! ~*

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